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Handmade Soaps

Our soaps are handmade unique and made with love and high-quality ingredients. All our recipes are original and we believe that this is what makes our creations unique.


Why buy our handmade soaps?

Since we carefully make each batch of soap, it is easy for us to tell you exactly witch ingredients go in the soaps you purchased. Our soaps are really different than the commercial ones, as large factories regularly use synthetic detergents to produce more lather and bubbles, and usually they remove the natural glycerine. This combined strips the skin from it’s natural oils and leaves you feeling a bit dry! We, on the other hand, use food grade ingredients (oils and butters) and the glycerine (which is a humectant) stays in our soaps (over 8%), making them more moisturizing. Also, adding very good quality essential oils and food grade butters (cocoa and shea), allows us to offer you a more natural, authentic, efficient and colourful choice of soaps (we use only natural colors for our soaps).


We need to let you know that the soaps you will get might be a little different from their photo, but that is what makes each bar unique and each bar of soap with different patern/swirls even if they are from the same batch. To keep your soap for as long as possible, make sure to place it on a soap dish that will allow it to dry between each use.



We are CPSR certified

What is CPSR certification?

A CPSR – or cosmetic safety assessment –  is just one of the legal requirements needed in order to sell our cosmetics or toiletries to the public. Ensuring we are legally compliant is of up most importance, to protect our brand, our reputation, our products and most importantly our customers. By following the correct regulations we build a trusting and strong relationship with all our customers and other business, as well as increasing a positive reputation for our wonderful creations. Any cosmetic or toiletry product, intended for sale to the public, that comes into contact with the skin, requires a CPSR. From Soaps to Lotions, Bath Bombs to Make Up, it is about ensuring your product is safe for use on the skin. A Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment, known as a CPSR, is legal documentation, provided by a chemist, to ensure the safety of our recipes and finished products. Where it's recipes are checked in detail to ensure all processes have been followed correctly and the quantities of your ingredients are within a safe limit.


Palm Oil Free

We are not using Palm Oil in our products. Help us to save as many orangutans as we can.


We are convinced of the exceptional quality of all our products and we wish you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!